Facial Treatments

Park Place Signature Facial…..125
This deep hydrating facial is designed to give clients optimum results for their individual skin care needs.
Deluxe Anti-Aging Facial…..175
This facial takes the Signature facial one step further by adding a peel to help reverse the signs of sun damage and aging while adding deeper hydration.

Intracueticals Oxygen Facial…..225 This age defying infusion is designed to deeply penetrate and dramatically improve the function of the skin. Powerful antioxIdants, amino acids & peptides help encourage collagen, increase hydration, reduce pigmentation and inflammation, all of which will improve the look and feel.
Axolelene ….. $70 can be added to smooth lines around the eyes and mouth

Nano Pen ….30 Nano Pen takes the Skin for Life infusion to the next level. The electric micro needling creates micro channels for deeper penetration of the products, for even more dramatic results when added to the Brightening or Age Defying treatment.

Corrective Peel…..$70 to improve the overall appearance of the skin.

Ultimate Lifting & Firming Treatments
Combines radio frequency, ultra sound, infrared and micro current to help reverse the signs of aging. For best results needs to be done in a series of 6
Full face & neck…..75

Add on to a facial…..30

Waxing & Tinting
Brow wax…..20
Lip or Chin wax…..12
Full face wax…..50
Brow tint…..12

Sothys Paris skin care
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